Sophie Moloney Owner and Founder of Moloneymakes Vegan Super Chunky Knitting

Hi, this is me!

I'm Sophie Moloney;
Bristol based, vegan knitter and founder of Moloneymakes.




Knitting has been my love for years, but I am particularly passionate about the positive impact knitting (and crafting) has on our mental health and wellbeing 


I first discovered the therapeutic benefits of knitting in the initial stages of recovery from an eating disorder back in my 20s. Each stitch I created soothed my busy brain and helped to alleviate the anxiety and depression that overwhelmed me. It was during this time that the idea for Moloneymakes was born.

Moloneymakes was launched in 2016 primarily selling premium super chunky vegan knitwear. Now the business sits comfortably encouraging people to carve out some time for mindful crafting with a range of vegan knitting kits, knitting patterns, super chunky yarn and tools which I run from my studio space in Bristol.

Moloneymakes Super Chunky Knitting. Bamboo Knitting Needles and Vegan Yarn


Moloneymakes Mission


Our mission is to help others cultivate a sense of mindfulness for themselves by utilizing the therapeutic benefits of knitting to find quiet moments of calm. It’s a simple act, but the gentle rhythmic movement of the needles can be exactly what you need in order to reset and decompress at the end of a long day.





A Vegan Knitting Brand

You’re probably aware by now that Moloneymakes is a vegan brand


But what is a vegan knitting brand?

In essence it means we choose yarns made from non-animal fibres. The super soft, super chunky yarn that we favour for our easy knitting kits is a 100% premium acrylic yarn which is extremely versatile and wonderfully practical. As well as being perfect for vegan craft lovers, it’s ideal for those who have allergies to animal fibres such as wool and also has the added benefit of being machine washable. 

In addition, we’re also proud to stock a variety of yarns from our favourite yarn brands. We’ve recently expanded our collection to include new brands, smaller weights and different fibres and we’re always on the look out for more. 

Moloneymakes Super Chunky Vegan Knitwear Tassel Scarf
Sophie Moloney; Owner and Founder of Moloneymakes.




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