Discover 5 lovely yarn crafts that aren’t knitting and crochet

Fern punch needle kit for beginners by Whole Punching - Yarn crafts that aren't knitting or crochet blog

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Learn a new yarn craft with a beginners craft kit from these wonderful (mostly) Bristol-based small businesses.

Move aside knit and crochet. There’s more yarn crafts in town.

Now I’m aware I’m coming at this from a place of bias, but when someone mentions yarn crafts to me, I instantly think of knitting and/or crochet. Now, I am a knitter forever and ever, but it’s not always for everyone. So I thought I’d share my favourite yarn crafts that aren’t knitting and crochet for those of you who either a. would like to branch out into another craft, or b. would like to experience the calming mindful experience that yarn crafts can have.

    Send snacks cross stich kit by Kate Blandford Contemporary Cross Stitch

1. Cross stitch 

Cross stitch is a type of counted thread embroidery which is comprised of x shaped stitches on evenweave fabric, most commonly aida which has an easily countable grid of squares for you to stitch into.

I am the proud owner of the fantastic Send Snacks 4″ Cross Stitch Kit by Kate Blandford. Her radical cross stitch designs are available as both kits and pdf pattern downloads and contain the highest quality products sourced as close to her home in Bristol, UK as possible. Plus, if that wasn’t enough, Kate pairs with onetreeplanted to ensure that “more trees will be planted than are used in the production of my kit packaging. How cool is that?”. Very cool indeed!

For more more badass and slightly sweary cross stitch check out Kate Blandford on Etsy
Find Kate on Instagram @kateblandford

Fern punch needle kit for beginners by Whole Punching

2. Punch Needle 

Similar to rug hooking, punch needle is a beautiful needle work that creates a beautifully interesting texture. A punch needle is a long needle with a hollow handle and a large eye through which yarn is threaded. The needle is punched through woven fabric, like monks cloth to create loops of yarn.

Punch needle is an art that’s been on my list of crafts to dive into and thankfully Whole Punching has the perfect kits to help make my dream a reality. I love this Fern Punch Needle Kit For Beginners which is made using 100% cotton yarn. The kit also comes with the option to omit the Lavor Punch Needle Set should you already have one, but at just £5 extra to have one included, it’s an absolute steal.

For more luxurious punch needle kits, yarn and supplies check out the Whole Punching website
Find Sara on Instagram @wholepunching

Macrame plant hanger kit by Knots and Shots

3. Macrame 

Macrame is an art form which uses knots to create a variety of designs, which you’ll recognise in classic plant hangers and wall hangings. It’s a versatile craft which can be used to create keyrings, bags and even items of clothing. There are numerous knots in macrame, but you can get started with just a few basic knots.

Speaking as someone who has just about ran our of surface space for any more houseplants at home, I love the look of this Macrame Plant Hanger by Knots and Shots. This beginner friendly kit contains all the materials you need to create your own plant hanger plus an instruction booklet that has been printed on recycled paper.

Find Knots and Shots on Etsy for more macrame kits and ready made items.
Find Jen on Instagram @knots_and_shots

Beginners weaving kit by The Crafting Kind UK

4. Weaving 

Weaving is a craft which sees two sets of threads interlaced at right angles to produce a piece of fabric. Often weaving involves the use of a loom which holds the vertical threads of yarn (or the warp) leaving you free to thread the (weft) horizontally. Using different textures and thicknesses of yarn creates wonderful pieces which can be made into all sorts of products such as wall hangings and cushions.

I love this weaving kit by The Crafting Kind UK as a way of getting started with this craft. Kath has put together a super cute, letterbox friendly Wall Hanging Weaving Kit so you can discover the art of weaving for yourself. You’ll receive a link to a private YouTube tutorial which takes you through all the weaving techniques step by step so you can create a beautiful textured wall hanging for your home. One thing I like about Kath’s kits especially, is the addition of an individual tea bag “because you can’t craft without a cuppa!” and the optional extra of a care package which includes a couple of tea lights by Hazel and Blue, a gemstone by Scene and Stone and a trio of postcards by Ellie B Studio

To check out more soothing craft kits, check out The Crafting Kind on Etsy
Find Kath on Instagram @thecraftingkinduk

Beginners embroidery kit by Sew Made By Jess

5. Embroidery 

Simply put, embroidery is the art of decorating a fabric with needle and thread. There are a variety of styles and techniques within the craft and a multitude of stitches which allow you to create pretty much any design you wish whether this be in the form of a classic hoop which holds the fabric taut, or directly on to items of clothing or textiles.

For those of you interested in learning hand embroidery, then Sew Made By Jess has a kit for you. With this Beginners Embroidery Hoop Kit, you can learn the 14 basic stitches of hand embroidery with the assist of a detailed instruction card complimented by link to video tutorials for each.

To see more from Sew Made By Jess, check out her website
Find Jess on Instagram @sewmade_byjess


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