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My Top 5 Lockdown Knitting Projects for Winter 2020

Moloneymakes Blog. My Top 5 Lockdown Knitting Projects For Winter 2020

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Banish the quarantine blues with these easy lockdown knitting projects.

Okay, I’m just going to straight up admit it. I’m forever searching for the ‘perfect’ pattern for my next knitting project and I never really get anywhere with it. I’ve got yarn and yarn and more yarn which I’ve bought to make something nice and then… well, that was as far as I got. In fact, the majority of it is sat in a big cardboard box in the studio waiting for the right knitting pattern to bring it to live its best woolly life.

I’m going to be honest and say I needed to write a blog post, and I also really needed to find my next knitting project, especially with Lockdown 2.0 in full swing. In other words, two birds, one hand knitted stone.

Knitting will be my best friend during Lockdown 2.0

As I’ve written previously (and shout about constantly), knitting (or any other craft) is an exceptionally valuable hobby to have. Not only is it ace to have to skill where you are able to stitch yourself up something cosy on an evening, the benefits of crafting on our mental health is undeniable. Knitting is relaxing and the repetitive rhythmic movements of the knitting needles keeps us centred and grounded in the present moment.

It only takes a few minutes of stitching to slow our heart rate and see a reduction in blood pressure. Not to mention it helps us manage stress/anxiety/pain which contributes to helping us maintain a level of good mental health. 

Given that we’re sat in another Lockdown with long grey cold days ahead of us, looking after our mental health has never been more important. We’re blessed with more time on our hands as we are encouraged to stay at home, so in the spirit of keeping your hands busy and your mind calm, I want to share what’s made its way on to my list of knitting projects for Lockdown 2.0.

What will you join me in making?

Moloneymakes: Giant Blanket Scarf

It’s the ultimate winter accessory; a scarf is a great project to kick start you new knitting hobby, or to enjoy some easy calm crafting. It’s a satisfying easy knit that is perfect for any knitter, beginners and pros alike. The Giant Blanket Scarf is just the project for allowing your mind to switch off on an evening. Plus, the fact it’s knit using 12mm needles means you can have it finished surprisingly quick making it an ideal option for handmade Christmas presents, too.

I also recently heard from a customer that she was using the tassel scarf pattern to whip up some winter warmers to donate to charity this winter which warms my heart. 

New to knitting? Find everything you need to get started in our handy knitting kit, or download the PDF and get stitching right away.


Lauren Aston Designs: Chunky Knit Crown

Lauren’s site is an absolute go to when I want to do a spot of selfish knitting (the fact that I am a. really bad at actually making time for this, and b. really bad at actually finishing my knitting projects is beside the point, okay?!).

Not only am I a huge advocate for chunky knitting, I love the simplicity of her designs and the ease at which I am able to knit up a brand-new jumper in just a few evenings crafting on the sofa. Her style and infectious personality make her a knitwear brand which should be at the top of everyone’s list.

I currently have the ‘Button Knit Up’ Cardigan on my needles, but I’ve got big plans for the ‘Not Your Basic Stitch’ Jumper next and the ‘Chunky Knit Crown’ makes a fantastic reusable alternative to your basic paper Christmas cracker hat. Each project is also available to buy as a knitting kit so you can order everything you need for your project in one single click. Christmas is now officially less than 6 weeks away, but this lockdown knitting project is so simple you’ll still have plenty of time to make one for the whole family.

Please note: Lauren’s yarn is 100% merino so not vegan, but it is sustainably sourced from the happiest sheep which I 100% approve of!


Woolly Badger: Ya Basic Bed Socks

Socks have been on my to knit list for so long it’s actually embarrassing, but I’ve always been put off by the teeny tiny needles, hand cramp and, given my track record for leaving knitting projects half finished and never going back, it always felt fruitless to undertake.

But when I saw one of Jacki’s emails shouting about the launch of her new chunky knit socks, I knew this was my chance to jump on board the hand knitted sock train whilst in lockdown.

They’re a straight forward, top down knit featuring a simple heel flap worked up on either circular or double pointed needles and because they’re knit up with chunky yarn, they’re going to be a satisfyingly quick knit that also makes use of your yarn stash.


MMadisonMarie: The Adelia Cardigan

I cannot get enough of the MMadisionMarie Etsy Shop and, to be honest, would love to knit everything, but the Adelia Cardigan is my favourite of Jessica’s collection of classic knitting patterns. It’s everything I look for in knitwear design; it’s simple, classic and timeless which is important to me.

If I’m investing time and money into creating something, I want to know that I am going to wear it and continue wearing it too. If you’re a minimalist knitter, I highly recommend her shop when you’re looking for your next lockdown knitting project.


Knits Please: Cable Handwarmers

If you’re a confident beginner and looking to try out a new technique, these cable handwarmers are an excellent place to start. As I’ve mentioned before, I always look for simplicity in my knitting projects and this gorgeous design adds just the right amount of detail for me. Plus anything I can whip up in an evening is a winner for me and my short attention span.


Bonus Pattern – Petite Knit: Sunday Sweater

So far my list of lockdown knitting projects have been super simple, but I wanted to throw an extra bonus option into the mix too . I wish I had the patience to whip up the majority of Petite Knit’s designs, but if I do take the plunge in the next couple of weeks this is what I will be casting on.

I have been swooning over the Sunday Sweater pretty much as soon as I got my Pinterest account a couple of years ago. The balloon sleeves, the ribbed yoke, the folded over neck edge… I adore it. My only barrier is finding some vegan alternative to the alpaca and mohair yarns that are held together to knit it. If anyone has any recs please pass them on!

So, there we have it; my 5 Lockdown Knitting Projects (for Lockdown 2.0). I don’t know about you, but I am eager to get home this evening and maximise my knitting time! What project takes your fancy?

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Moloneymakes Blog Pinterest Graphic. My Top 5 Yarn Picks for Your Next Winter Knitting Project
Moloneymakes Blog Pinterest Graphic. My Top 5 Yarn Picks for Your Next Winter Knitting Project

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Moloneymakes Blog Pinterest Graphic. My Top 5 Yarn Picks for Your Next Winter Knitting Project

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