Say Hello To: The NEW Mini Crochet Pot Kit

Stack of recycled cotton yarn with mini crochet pot

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Dive into your next spring crochet project with our NEW Mini Crochet Pot Kit

It’s officially spring. We might have all lost an hour in bed, but the sun is starting to show its face more often and soon the days will start to get longer and brighter. I’m starting to dream of sunshine and daffodils and picnics in the park (of no more than 6 people, obvs).

As the temperatures increase, I’m getting ready to put the super chunky knits aside and say hello to some spring/summer crafting. I’m gravitating towards lighter weight yarns so perfecting the latest addition to our craft kit selection has been a perfect spring crochet project to welcome in the new season.

Introducing the Mini Crochet Pot Kit

I’m mega excited about this one because it’s been knocking around in my brain for a while now. I’ve been making mini crochet planters for retail for at least 2 years and have done regular drop offs at two of my local stockists Eclectic Gift Shop and Blaze ever since so I know that they are a popular item, but for some reason I just kept putting off taking it further. Until now, that is! These crochet pots are an easy spring crochet project made using cotton yarn held double. They’re satisfyingly quick to make and use less than 30g of yarn making them an excellent stash buster project. Which is great because if you’re anything like me, you’ll want them in every colour!

Can I make these if I am a crochet beginner?

There are a few basic stitches that you’ll need to know before crocheting, but the pattern is an easy one. If you know how to make a magic ring, and can half treble crochet, you’ll be hooking up mini crochet pots in no time at all. However, if you’re brand new to crochet, the crochet pot kit is still one for you, I’d just recommend you learn the stitches with the help of the ‘How To’ guide included before you start on the pattern and remember that practise makes perfect.

What’s inside?

Included in your mini crochet pot kit is:

  • A ‘How To: a Beginners’ Guide to Crochet’ booklet, which guides you through each of the stitches and techniques you need to know to get crocheting
  • A printed copy of the Mini Crochet Pot Cosy pattern
  • 2x 50g balls of recycled cotton yarn in the colours of your choice
  • 2x small galvanised metal pots
  • 6mm bamboo crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle

Each kit contains enough to make 2 fully lined crochet pots.

First you make the crochet cosy using the lovely recycled cotton held double, then you pop in one of the metal pots supplied and voila! The metal pots are great for giving the crochet pot structure so you can chuck in all the knitting needles/crochet hooks/pens/colouring pencils etc you like, but most importantly, it lines the pot so you can water your mini plants with no leaking.

What can I use my new crochet pots for?

Here’s a bit of inspiration for how you might use yours around the home.

Crochet pots from mini crochet pot kit shown for use in bathroom, as plant pot and for craft tools

As I mentioned, these mini crochet pots are ideal for housing your mini plants, but I also love to use them for my crochet hooks and shorter knitting needles.

Knitting and crochet isn’t the only craft they’re good for, though. These would be great storage solution for any organised crafter; think punch needles and snips for you punch needlers, paintbrushes for you painters, tweezers and pliers for you jewellers, clay sculpting tools for you ceramicists and for the young budding artists, they would be great to keep crayons and colouring pencils in one place (although for how long, I can’t account for!).

There’s also a use in the bathroom to keep your counter top tidy. I’m a bare minimum person when it comes to make-up and only own a foundation, highlighter, mascara, an eyebrow pencil and a lipstick which last saw the light of day before face masks were a thing, but for those who know about contouring and smoky eyes, these would be great for holding make-up brushes and the like.

Plants are a given, but why don’t you have a go at planting some cress. It’s a great spring activity to do with children, but a satisfying (and tasty) project for you to do yourself. Simply plant a handful of seeds in some soil and you’ll be ready to harvest in a couple of weeks!

Go get crocheting!

I think that pretty much covers it.

They’re hugely addictive, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered if you’d like to make more in all the different spring shades. You can purchase more recycled cotton and extra metal pots from the site.

We love to see what you’ve been making so tag us in your posts on instagram with #moloneymakes or @moloneymakes and if you’re on Facebook, please join our new community, Moloneymakes Knitting Club for advice, creative chat and support.

As always, if you have any questions regarding the kit, yarn, or anything else for that matter, please do get in touch and we’ll get back as soon as possible.

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