6 Lovely Mother’s Day Gifts For Creative Mums

mother's day gifts for creative mums

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The perfect Mother’s Day gift is a crafty experience you can share.


It’s officially March. Which means a lot of things. February is finally over, lockdown is set to start to ease, spring is approaching and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. I don’t know about you, but celebrations such as Mother’s Day really catch me off guard. I know it happens every year, sometime in March, but it’s not like a birthday is it? The date changes each time and I have no idea why!

(Quick google search has just informed me that it lands on the fourth Sunday of Lent and was traditionally a date when Britons would return to their home, or mother church).

The fact remains, we have 2 weeks. Or at least, I have 2 weeks, or perhaps 10 days if we’re accounting for the postie, to get myself together and find my Mum the Mother’s Day gift of all gifts.

This year, more than ever, I want to do something special for my Mum, but more importantly, I just want to spend a bit of time with her. I can literally count the number of times I’ve seen my Mum in the past year on one hand and the number of times I’ve hugged her with one finger. It’s been one heck of a year; a bunch of flowers isn’t quite going to cut it. 

Something you can do together is a great Mother’s Day gift

If there’s anything this past year has taught us, it’s the importance of connection and quality time spent with one another. I think I speak for us all when I say that I really took for granted just how much I appreciate physically spending time with other people. I’m not a phonecall kinda girl, whatsapp groups overwhelm me and I struggle with the absence of nuance in conversation through a simple text message. One thing I have gotten better at, however, is a video call.

A real life face to face conversation it is not, but it’s meant I’ve been able to see my Mum’s face regularly, show her our decorating progress as my partner and I make our flat a home and take her on virtual walks whilst she’s been shielding and unable to leave the house, .

So it’s gotten me thinking: what exactly can I gift mum this year? I’m an experience person. In years gone by, my sister and I would, of course, buy the obligatory flowers and chocolates, but the main event would be cooking a Sunday roast together. For me, this is the real gift. Sitting around the table as a family and enjoying a meal together.

We can’t do that this year, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do something with her.

Crafting is connecting

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again, and again) crafting is fantastic. It’s an incredible tool in improving our mental health, helps you ease into a calm and relaxed state, cultivates a sense of pride and satisfaction as you see the results of your hard work, and can create a sense of community and connecti0n within us that is all the more valuable now more than ever.

This year, my Mother’s Day gift will be a shared experience and it makes sense to me to combine my love of crafting with my love for my Mum! So, I’ve narrowed down a list of my favourite craft kits and creative activities that we can both do together.

Each maker and artist in the list is able to post anywhere in the country. So you can get one kit delivered to you and one to your mum too no matter your location. Ask to include a little gift message and you’re all set for a Mother’s Day they’ll really appreciate.

(Just a note to say that not all Mother’s Day gift ideas are ‘vegan’, but all are responsibly sourced and ethical brands that I love and support)

1. Whole Punching, Abstract Punch Needle Kit For Beginners (£45)

abstract loopy punch needle circle in terracotta, navy and cream

Sara’s premium, contemporary punch needle kits make a gorgeous gift for both your Mum and yourself.

The Abstract Beginners Kit is the perfect kit if you are new to punch needle. The box contains instructions detailing every step of the process so you can have fun learning together. Alternatively, her range of mini hoop kits, like the Snowdrops Mini Hoop Kit (£22) are letterbox friendly so you don’t have to worry about missing the postie!

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2. Stitching Me Softly, Chunky Woven Necklace Kit (£18)

contents of chunky woven necklace kit consists of cotton cord, written instructions

Emma’s range of sustainable craft kits make crafting accessible to many.

My personal favourite are the chunky necklaces you can make with the Chunky Woven Necklace Kit. They’re simple to learn and quick to make so you can easily whip up a couple each over a virtual crafterzoom. Refill kits of the lovely recycled cotton cord supplied are also available to order and with so many colours available, I recommend you add a pack to your basket straight up!

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3. Hazel and Blue, Revive and Uplift Candle Making Kit For Beginners (£28)

hazel and blue candle making kit in progress. hands are inserting the wick

Hazel and Blue’s tag line is ‘creating calm and cosy moments’ and that is exactly what they deliver. Share a calm and cosy evening and enjoy creating your own soy scented candles with all natural ingredients with their beautiful candle kits. I love the sound of the Revive and Uplift Candle Making Kit For Beginners with refreshing notes of lemon, eucalyptus and mint.

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4. Leather Needle Thread, DIY Stitchless Bucket Bag Kit (£195)

leather needle thread brown leather bucket bag

Treat your Mum to a touch of luxury with a premium Leather Needle Thread item that she can make herself! My personal favourite is the beautiful, timeless DIY Stitchless Bucket Bag Kit which, with no hand or machine stitching needed, is a project that is satisfyingly simple and seriously impressive.

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5. Bohobo Aromatherapies, Ritual Box (£40)

contents of bohobo aromatherapy ritual box includes rose face mist, face oil, pink clay mask, candle and crystal

So this one is a bit of a wild card as it’s not exactly something to make, but I couldn’t write a list of Mother’s Day gift recommendations without including the Bohobo Ritual Box. I was gifted this for my birthday by my girlfriends and we all sat and experienced the self care ritual together and I can honestly say it was one of the most calming, relaxing and meditative evenings I’ve experienced. The box contains face mist, oil and a pink clay mask plus a candle and crystal which only serve to enrich the experience. Pair this with the Rose Quartz Gua Sha, follow along with Bea’s gua sha rituals on instagram and you’re just a few moments away from heaven!

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6. Moloneymakes, Turban Headband Knitting Kit (£30)

moloneymakes turban headband knitting kit. box sits next to a pair of knitting needles and ball of super chunky yarn

Well, I can hardly write a list and not include a knitting kit now, can I?! Our Turban Headband Knitting Kit is an excellent kit for knitters and beginners alike. Knitting is made easy with our all-in-one kit, but you can also check out our blog post for videos to watch if that works better for you. Each 100g ball of yarn included in the box is just enough to make 2 knitted headbands so you and your Mum can make one for each other too!

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Making time to spend with your Mum will no doubt be the best Mother’s Day gift you can give this year. Of course I think it’s great to craft together, but if all else fails, i encourage you to flick the kettle on, boot up facetime/zoom/video call of your choice and just have a real good natter ‘face to face’.


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